Court fees increased April 22nd


The County Court fees will be going up from 22 April.  The increases are quite large – a standard eviction will go up from £175 to £280 and the PCOL (possession claims online service used for rent arrears evictions) will go up from £100 to £250. There will also be increases in the money claims fees and various other fees, in fact, the only fees which are not going up (so far as eviction proceedings are concerned) are the bailiffs fees, because enforcement costs are going to be subject to a separate review.  


Landlord Links from Telford and Wrekin

Please have a browse through the attached booklet and see the latest from the Local Authority.

Landlord Links

Spring News Letter 2014

Autumn Conference

The Autumn Conference is FREE OF CHARGE and well worth attending. Please note The 2015 Conference will be held at the Oak Tree Centre TUESDAY 6TH OCTOBER AT 7 p.m until 10 .00 p.m.
Conference this year is a result of the feedback we had from our survey and we are trying to bring you much of the information you asked for.
Our Treasurer Paul Spiers
Will bring you a special presentation on the implications of the limitations of tax relief on BTL mortgage interest as advised in the 2015 budget.
Lee Higgins (Head of Housing Benefits, Telford)

July Landlords Meeting

On Tuesday July 15th we held the meeting entitled Crime Awareness and it was very well attended, which could have had something to do with free buffet. We were also given an opportunity to have an initial look at the Local Council Accreditation Scheme. We had advice from the Crime Prevention Officer and our old friend Nadeem Mahammed, LIAISE Officer (Leads in awareness, intelligence, support and education) England Illegal Money Lending Team who covered the thorny subject of loan sharks, what to look out for and what to do if you suspect that there is one operating in your area.

Winter News letter 2013

Missing tenants

I am looking for my former tenants Mr Grant Clayton and Mrs Carrie-Ann Clayton.  Does anyone know their current address?  Please contact Paul Spiers


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Member Application
Click here to view and print a copy of the Wrekin Landlords Association Membership Application Form.

The Constitution                  Click Here to view and print a copy


Website Facelift

We are pleased to announce that our website has now had a long overdue facelift. Initially it is more appealing and much easier to navigate but as we develop this huge potential we will be adding services that are unique to this site and only available to our members. We will be able to feature photographs in our ‘Gallery’ and access to links to other services as well as being able to check out tenants names for referencing purposes.

Report To Government

Just to show that our opinions are heard on a National scale please view my report which has been included on the Parliamentary Website since July 2013. TO VIEW GO TO:


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