Alternative to Selective Licensing

The alternative to the Selective licensing scheme
proposed last year included a new Telford & Wrekin
We will be supporting this initiative.
It aims to provide a scheme that recognizes landlords and agents who wish to provide good quality, well managed properties and to enable tenants to select a good landlord. Similar to our own aims, the scheme looks to, encourage the supply of good quality private rented homes, provide and facilitate information and training for landlords, promote the good landlords operating in Telford & Wrekin and . educate landlords and letting agencies in operating as a good landlord and adhering to the relevant legislation.

They are looking to work in partnership with an external company to develop a tenant and landlord “passport”. The concept of which will allow members of the Landlord Accreditation Scheme to develop a digital profile with an associated score based on work that you already do as a landlord, like collecting rent or carrying out repairs, enabling prospective new tenants to recognise good landlords.

The tenant passport is also issued digitally and will help build a picture of a tenant which can be used by a landlord or letting agent as a reference when choosing a tenant for void properties. As well as reference from previous landlords the tenant passport will also include an Experian credit score which is linked to rental payments which is not something that has been common previously. They hope to implement the tenant passport throughout the Borough via the work currently done plus promotion and advertising.

Fuller details will be presented at the WLA July 10th meeting.
• Recognition that you are a landlord providing a good standard of accommodation.
• Tenant passport – provides landlords a level of security as payments, behaviour, reference checks etc can all be accessed and viewed
• Access to information and training courses.
• Market advantage when letting a property due to landlord passport score.
• Discount to all-inclusive tenant finder services that are offered by Telford Homefinder to £250.00 + VAT
• Co-operation, support and advice from the tenancy relations officers on all aspects of private renting.
• Provision of a certificate to promote and provide proof of your membership to the Scheme.
• Quarterly newsletter / members login to news feed with up to date legislative changes
• Landlord Document Portal. Access to relevant up to date documents - login area to upload certificates, proof of training and to hold useful documents (ie how to rent guide / welcome pack) for ease
Opportunities to receive free smoke alarms; 3 passes enabling you to use a commercial vehicle at the recycling centre each year; tenancy agreement put together for you if required; and the opportunity to join our conferences and forums regarding Accredited Landlords.
• Inspections of vacant properties we are providing tenants for under the Housing Health and Safety Rating System (HHSRS) and feedback will be given to you to ensure that the property meets a minimum standard.
• Issue Reporting - Landlords can monitor any issues reported by their tenants and record kept if there is ever a need to refer back to.

• Tenant Passport
• A reporting tool for tenants to log repairs or other issues which notifies the landlord immediately and co-ordinates a response. Where no action has been carried out by the landlord to notify Telford & Wrekin Council to start enforcement procedure immediately;
• Greater information about properties available for renting.
• A mechanism to recognise good quality landlords and properties.
• Assurance that the landlord has signed up to the Terms and Conditions of the Scheme.
• Confidence that your landlord is professional and reputable.
• Provision of a tenant’s information booklet.
• Peace of mind that their deposit has been protected.