Meeting with the Council July 10th 7.00 p.m.

We have worked long and tirelessly to re-engage with the local authority and after the fight we had during 2017 we thought that we would never regain the working relationship that we once had, which was hailed as a beacon of example of co-operation between Council and Private Sector working in harmony, at one time. It certainly made life easier for us both at that time. However, things disintegrated and culminated in the Selective Licensing debacle which was a very low point for us all. In the spirit of rebuilding that relationship we are hoping that the meeting on the 10th of July will be key to the working partnership moving forward toward the betterment of all concerned (tenants included).

Landlord Awards Night

We hope that by that date the Council will have a better idea of things like the Landlord Awards evening proposed for early in 2019. It is anticipated that this might help change the public perception of the private landlords and offer some assurance that NOT ALL private landlords are are as bad as they are painted by the media and popular press. The majority of them do a splendid job and by getting positive publicity we may at least get some credibility.


In addition to the the main speakers from Telford and Wrekin Council, who are Assistant Director of Customer and Neighborhood Services Angie Astley and Assistant Director of Commercial Services Fliss Mercer, we also hope to have a representative from Thrive (Thrive website link ) to advise on the issue of supported living and the other areas in which they are involved. This initiative comes in conjunction with the YMCA who were one of the founding members of the Wrekin Landlords Association. So it is vitally important that you come along and learn what is on offer to you and also to make a sensible contributions to the ongoing dialogue.
To view the slides used on the night please visit the following website
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