The petition has been submitted!

A huge thank-you for all our members and their campaigning to get the petition ready for submission with over 1245 signatures. We presented at the Telford and Wrekin full council meeting. There can only be 3 public questions at a full council meeting and the WLA were able to get 2 into the docket - One from David Lovegrove who asked the question “It is easy to spend someone else’s money. If landlords and their tenants are disproportionately responsible for ASB etc, and the Council can prove that fact, would the Authority compulsory purchase properties at market value and manage them more successfully, without increasing rent as introducing retrospective legislation is unjust?" and the one from Simone which was preceded by the petition submission "Given that the only housing the Council owns is almost exclusively for commercial rent and Social Registered Landlords are selling their out of date stock, why is the Council seeking to discriminate against private landlords on whom you so very heavily rely to manage homelessness in the Borough?". While the responses were as expected, to engage fully in the consultation process and keep presenting alternatives there was a lot of lively interaction as some of the members pressed hard in the "Questions" section to help highlight our issues so a big thank-you to those Councillors for their support. The full meeting can be seen at We have done and continue to present alternatives and welcome your views on these.