Thank you for taking time to support our campaign against the introduction of Selective Licensing in the Telford and Wrekin Area.

Initially our members are going to start using the #aretheylistening on social media on focused dates for the next few weeks. The key date and push will be for the Full council meeting on July 20th where we'll be presenting our petition so have your accounts at the ready! We're setting up a WLA Twitter account but also watch @mlptelford and @kellyannedavies4 as well as @telfordlive and our local councillors for tweets. On Facebook we are

We'll also be targeting the Consultation meetings as listed below, which we encourage you all to attend where possible. It is a numbers game and if we can prove a flaw in the consultation process, this will go some way to supporting the claim made on our petition “that the process of the initial licensing consultation was perfunctory“. So even if you are not from the area concerned, please attend, any or all of the following meetings
• Tuesday 18 July 2017, 3pm to 5pm at Hadley Community Library, Hadley Learning Community.
• Wednesday 19 July 2017, 4pm to 6pm at Hub on the Hill (previously Sutton Hill Community Centre), Sutton Hill.
• Tuesday 25 July 2017, 4pm to 6pm at Park Lane Centre, Woodside.
• Wednesday 26 July 2017, 4pm to 6pm at Hollinswood Neighbourhoood Centre, Hollinswood.
• Tuesday 1 August 2017, 4pm to 6pm at Brookside Central, Brookside.
• Thursday 3 August 2017, 2.30pm to 4.30pm at Malinslee Family Centre, Old Park Primary School, Malinslee, TF3 2BF.
We have met with the Council and advised them that there are workable alternatives which we are exploring and have given them copies of some suitable suggestions, for example using existing enforcement against bad landlords, recognizing National and Regional Accreditation schemes and so on, We will be publishing fuller details of our proposals as we progress but if any of you can add to these ideas your input would be much appreciated.

(1) Spread our tongue in cheek video, to as many people as you can, get them aware of our plight
(2) Fill in your objections to the scheme online at the form on: be careful not to answer any of the questions as it is heavily weighted in agreement. Just fill in the comment boxes. For guidance on this, contact our expert David Lovegrove at
(3) Come to our next meeting when it is announced