Universal Credit Awareness Session

As we advise you Universal Credit was introduced from June 1st in the Telford and Wrekin Area for NEW single tenants only at present and gradually being rolled out to include families and so on up to and including 2020.

We now have some fuller information from the awareness sessions held in May where representatives of the Department for Works and Pensions (DWP) delivered a presentation about Universal Credit.

Landlord Links Newsletter

Please find attached the latest Landlord Newsletter from our Benefits Service. The Newsletter includes important information on Universal Credit which will replace Housing Benefit for some tenants from the 1st June 2015.

Government Private Landlords Report

It might be advisable to have a scan through this report as it is relevant to us all.
It comes over quite favourable for the GOOD Private landlords but I feel falls a little thin when it comes to tackling the BAD Landlords.
Never the less I hope it is line with what we all aspire to be and that is GOOD Landlords.
It is interesting to note that at last the Government are ready to accept that we are an important sector of the ‘Housing Solutions’ and that 89% of tenants are pleased with their accommodation, it’s a step in the right direction.

Accreditation with the Telford and Wrekin Council

The Wrekin landlords Association have re-negotiated with the Telford and Wrekin District Council to allow fully paid up members to apply under special agreement for membership of the new LANDLORD ACCREDITATION SCHEME operated through Telford Homefinder. .The special agreement means that fully paid up members can apply, up to June 12th 2015 at a discounted price of £30, a very good deal indeed.

Benefits to WLA accredited members:

Court fees increased April 22nd


The County Court fees will be going up from 22 April.  The increases are quite large – a standard eviction will go up from £175 to £280 and the PCOL (possession claims online service used for rent arrears evictions) will go up from £100 to £250. There will also be increases in the money claims fees and various other fees, in fact, the only fees which are not going up (so far as eviction proceedings are concerned) are the bailiffs fees, because enforcement costs are going to be subject to a separate review.  


Landlord Links from Telford and Wrekin

Please have a browse through the attached booklet and see the latest from the Local Authority.

Landlord Links

Website Facelift

We are pleased to announce that our website has now had a long overdue facelift. Initially it is more appealing and much easier to navigate but as we develop this huge potential we will be adding services that are unique to this site and only available to our members. We will be able to feature photographs in our ‘Gallery’ and access to links to other services as well as being able to check out tenants names for referencing purposes.

Report To Government

Just to show that our opinions are heard on a National scale please view my report which has been included on the Parliamentary Website since July 2013. TO VIEW GO TO: